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Marshall Cavendish

We are a leading general interest trade publisher in Asia, with a history spanning more than five decades. As a trusted brand, known for a diverse and wide variety of subject areas, and bestselling titles in every genre, we pride ourselves on integrity and are committed to the spread of knowledge.

To ensure high-quality books, our team of in-house editors and designers work with our pool of dynamic authors, to publish books written by, or about, renowned political and business figures, thought leaders and leading literary writers.

We boast a range of literary agents and distributors worldwide so that every title will be given the opportunity to debut on the international platform in both print and electronic formats.

MCIA is a member of Times Publishing Group and sister company to Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE). We are dedicated to the spread of knowledge and hope that our expertly curated books will offer readers an enriching and memorable experience.

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