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Focus Publishing

Focus Publishing Limited (FPL) is a Custom Content solutions and Contract Publishing arm of SPH Media that supports its clients to reach their audiences through thoughtfully-crafted content that are published in evergreen physical forms and dynamic digital platforms.

FPL's experienced team of editorial and creative professionals help clients amplify their influence through quality content solutions that adroitly combines text and visuals for various formats, e.g.: books, magazines, newsletters, websites, mobile apps or social media pages. It stands out with the ability to conceptualise and produce relatable content across Singapore's four official languages to help clients engage across a diverse audiences.

It has extensive experience in the publication of best-seller books, commemorative editions, custom periodicals, websites, eDMs as well as newsletters and communication collaterals.

Straits Times Press, the award-winning publishing team, is a part of FPL and continues its illustrious journey of producing popular titles for local and international audiences.

Focus Publishing Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPH Media Holdings Pte Ltd, owned by SPH Media Trust.