Where’s Grandma?

4.0 rating
Where's Grandma?
Author: Edmund Lim
Publish: 2012
Publisher: Epigram Books
Format: hardcover
ISBN: 9789810720780
Pages: 32
Language: English

Where’s Grandma?

4.0 rating

Luke is a little different from other boys his age. His best friend is his Grandma. They would do everything together—walking to school, strolling in the park, and playing in the playground. That was before Grandma’s fall. Everything changed after that. She lost her way in the neighbourhood she has lived in for over twenty years. She even forgot Luke’s name. Edmund Lim tells a poignant story of how one boy copes with losing his beloved Grandma to Alzheimer’s disease only to discover something more powerful.

Winner of Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award (2013)


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Edmund Lim is a school principal who has also taught at the National Institute of Education (Singapore). When Edmund is not busy working, he enjoys reading and typing out his ideas. He writes for both children and adults and hopes that his children's storybooks will engage and inspire readers, young and old.

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