When A Flower Dies

4.0 rating
When A Flower Dies
Publish: 2015
Publisher: Ethos Books
Genre: Drama, Romance
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789810963149
Pages: 292
Language: English

When A Flower Dies

4.0 rating

What can we recover after a life passes on? A novel about love, forgetting and remembering. Pansy Lim, a Peranakan girl, was brought up in a seaside village in colonial Singapore in the 1940s. She inherits her mother's love for flowers, nature, the sea, and their healing qualities.

Educated by English nuns, she learns and grows to love English, literature and poetry. We see her at the start of the novel, aged, forgetful, and desperately clinging to memories of her recently deceased husband. Through her recollections, she remembers George Chan, the village life that they shared, and the communal past left behind by a nation always on the move.


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Josephine Chia - Books SG
Author Details:

Josephine Chia is happiest when she is in the dream world of writing. She has published 12 books of fiction and non-fiction in UK and Singapore. She lived in UK for over thirty years but have now returned to Singapore to live. She likes to weave anecdotes of her kampong days, Peranakan heritage, food, yoga and Singapore’s history into her stories.

Goodbye My Kampong is her sequel to her 2014 Singapore Literature Prize book , Kampong Spirit, Gotong Royong. Her first YA Fiction Novel, Big Tree in a Small Pot and her mid-graders’ Children’s non-fiction book, Growing Up In Kampong Potong Pasir were both launched at AFCC in September 2018. Her manuscript, Queen of the Sky, was shortlisted for the Scholastic Asian Book Award 2018.

Her short stories have appeared in various anthologies and local newspapers over the years, including SINGA, The Straits Times, Dying For It and Eye/Feel/Write – Building Architectonics.

Josephine has won literary prizes and awards, both in UK and Singapore. Her short story, Tropical Fever, was featured in the anthology Blood, Sweat & Tears, and was one of the finalists for the Ian St. James Awards from Harper Collins. Her other short story, A Question of Choice, was awarded the 3rd Prize in the SWWJ (Society Of Women Writers & Journalists) Theodora Roscoe/Vera Brittain Cup 2007 Short Story Prize Competition. She has also written prize-winning articles that have won her accolades from SWWJ UK.

A familiar face in the literary arts scene, Josephine has spoken in both local and international writing festivals, schools and in several literary events. Outside of writing, she enjoys activities such as skiing and ten-pin bowling, and mentors aspiring writers as well.

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