The Stolen Child

3.8 rating
The Stolen Child
Author: Colin Cheong
Publish: 2011
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9971655373
Pages: 346
Language: English

The Stolen Child

3.8 rating

Wing discovers that there are many roads to a single dream. Wing want to fly -- but his dream is suddenly shattered.

As he searches for a meaning in life and other dreams to replace his first love, Wing experiences the trials and tribulations of change -- in his family, friends and most of all, himself.

A powerful and moving story about growing up, innocence and love, toughness and courage. A search across time and space: from the wonders of childhood to the striden urges of young manhood; from the landscape of the mind to the realm of the heart.


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Colin Cheong
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Colin Cheong is one of Singapore"s more prolific contemporary writers. At the age of 15, he interned at the now defunct newspaper New Nation and contributed to an army magazine, Pioneer, during his National Service days. From Secondary 3 till the year before he graduated from university, he was a photographer and stage actor.

He has written or edited nearly 30 books, four of which have won national awards. He won the Singapore Literature Prize in 1996 for his novel, Tangerine, which was written like a travel diary.

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