The Sound of Sch

4.5 rating
The Sound of Sch
Author: Danielle Lim
Publish: 2014
Publisher: Ethos Books
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789810918538
Pages: 180
Language: English

The Sound of Sch

4.5 rating

Co-winner of the Singapore Literature Prize 2016 for English Non-Fiction

Can a life weave along through the same notes and yet come to play forth different sounds?

The Sound of Sch (pronounced S-C-H) is the true story of a journey with mental illness, beautifully told by Danielle Lim from a time when she grew up witnessing her uncle's untold struggle with a crippling mental and social disease, and her mother's difficult role as caregiver. The story takes place between 1961 and 1994, backdropped by a fast-globalising Singapore where stigmatisation of persons afflicted with mental illness nevertheless remains deep-seated. Unflinchingly raw and honest in its portrayal of living with schizophrenia, The Sound of Sch is a moving account of human resiliency and sacrifice in the face of brokenness.


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Author Details:

Danielle Lim is an award-winning author. And Softly Go the Crossings, a collection of short stories published by Penguin Random House SEA, won the Book of the Year as well as Best Literary Work at the Singapore Book Awards 2021. The Sound of SCH: A mental breakdown, a life journey, won the Singapore Literature Prize 2016 (non-fiction). Trafalgar Sunrise, a novel, was a finalist in the Singapore Book Awards 2019 for Best Literary Work.

The Sound of SCH has been translated to Chinese and published in Taiwan, as well as translated to Tamil and published in India.

The Publishers Weekly (US) listed Danielle as one of Singapore’s top writers in 2016. She has been invited to speak at various local and international events, such as the George Town Literary Festival 2021, and the 2017 Kimberley Writers Festival in Australia, during which she was interviewed on live radio by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She has been a featured speaker at the Singapore Writers Festival. She has also been featured in The Straits Times, on radio 93.8. Now, in BiblioAsia, and in The Singapore Women’s Weekly.

Danielle is an alumna of the University of Oxford and is based in Singapore, where she is a lecturer.

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