The Rest of Your Life and Everything That Comes With It

3.2 rating
The Rest of Your Life and Everything That Comes With It
Author: O Thiam Chin
Publish: 2011
Publisher: ZI Publications
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789675266232
Pages: 164
Language: English

The Rest of Your Life and Everything That Comes With It

3.2 rating

A yellow elephant appears in an apartment and shakes up the life of a woman unhappy in her marriage. A bored housewife finds herself unsettled by the foreign student who rents a spare room. A single mother goes to great lengths to find out the terrible truth about her teenage son. A teenager discovers a dark, compulsive desire while on a holiday job.

O Thiam Chin, the Frank O'Connor Award longlisted author of Never Been Better, delves into the hidden worlds of people caught in pivotal moments of their lives, in which everything they have held and believed are finally revealed for what they are, inevitably changing the course of their lives. From the breaking of long-held traditions to urban ennui, from the frankly erotic to an aching search for reconciliation, O depicts the strange, complicated facets of love in its different forms through these twelve new incisive and resonant stories.


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O Thiam Chin’s short stories have appeared in literary anthologies, such as Best New Singaporean Short Stories Volumes 1, 2 and 3, A Rainbow Feast: New Asian Short Stories, ONE – The Anthology: Short Stories from Singapore’s Best Authors, and Malaysian Tales: Retold & Remixed, as well as in Manoa, World Literature Today, The International Literary Quarterly, Asia Literary Review, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Kyoto Journal, The Jakarta Post, The New Straits Times, Asiatic and Esquire (Singapore). Thrice longlisted for the Frank O’ Connor Short Story Award, he is the author of Free-Falling Man (2006), Never Been Better (2009), Under The Sun (2010), The Rest Of Your Life And Everything That Comes With It (2011), Love, Or Something Like Love (2013), shortlisted for the 2014 Singapore Literature Prize, and Signs of Life, which was published in 2019. His debut novel, Now That It’s Over, won the inaugural Epigram Books Fiction Prize (EBFP) in 2015 and also the Best Fiction title at the 2017 Singapore Book Awards, and his second novel, Fox Fire Girl, was shortlisted for the EBFP in 2016.

He was an honorary fellow of the Iowa International Writing Program in 2010, and a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award in 2012.

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