The Magic Mixer

4.3 rating
The Magic Mixer
Publish: 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789814342391
Pages: 90
Language: English

The Magic Mixer

4.3 rating

This is a story about Mrs Dabble, who is bringing up three children: Billy, who is a pleasant and polite; Melanie, a toddler who likes to do things for herself; and Ruby, a baby.

On a typical day, Mrs Dabble finds herself going from one crisis to another. She really needs some help, but where can she get it from?

Meet Dr Patsy Gerlaxi and her Magic Mixer. This machine takes unique and useful features from any animal and inserts them into humans!

So begins Mrs Dabble's adventure to getting more help with the assistance of the Magic Mixer,


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Justine Laismith - Books SG
Author Details:

Justine grew up in Singapore and studied Chemistry in London. Since completing her PhD, she has worked in the pharmaceutical, chemicals and education sectors. In 2010, she returned to Singapore, where ST Press Books published her chapter book about two women in STEM.

When she is out and about, she takes far too many pictures on her phone. Her excuse? They inspire her stories, like her debut middle-grade book. Published by Aurelia Leo, she penned it in Singapore after a trip to China. She is now back in England living with a talking budgie.

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