Singapore, My Country : Biography of M. Bala Subramanion

4.5 rating
Singapore, My Country: Biography Of M Bala Subramanion
Publish: 2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789813141292
Pages: 239
Language: English

Singapore, My Country : Biography of M. Bala Subramanion

4.5 rating

When after three decades of research Singapore could produce its own water, the little city-state was said to have lost its vulnerability. No longer would every policy have to bend at the knees for water survival. It was finally time to celebrate liberty!

When did the same moment come in Bala's life? Was it when in mid-Atlantic he heard of his promotion as Controller of Posts? Or was it when he was appointed by the President as member of the Parliamentary Elections Minority Committee? Or was it at a moment of tragic loss when he realised he had nothing more to lose?

Singapore, My Country tells M Bala Subramanion's story, a second generation Indian who lost his father to the Death Railway, witnessed Subhas Chandra Bose at the Padang and later emerged as not only a senior civil servant but the man behind multiple social interventions, living in a fast evolving Singapore.

The histories of the man and his nation remain seamlessly intertwined, each peppered with equal doses of endeavour, ingenuity and a sheer will to survive!

Readership: General readers, students involved in Southeast Asian research, readers interested in South Indians in Singapore, readers interested in Singapore's history, Indian communities in Singapore, postal and philatelic organisations in Singapore.


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Nilanjana Sengupta is a notable author of Singapore who has built a reputation in writing books which travel to unchartered territories. In A Gentleman's Word she chronicled the legacy of a forgotten war hero, Subhas Chandra Bose across Southeast Asia. In, The Female Voice of Myanmar, she wrote of the latent masculine bias of Burmese culture and women voices which have managed to cut through the clutter. A Biography of M Bala Subramanion was a nuanced look at the Tamils of Singapore who though the majority Indian community, struggle with vulnerabilities of their own. Sengupta, a research scholar at NUS and ISEAS-Yosuf Ishaak Institute, has been critically acclaimed, widely read and her books have been translated and included in the university course.

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