Modern Nyonya

4.0 rating
Modern Nyonya
Author: Sylvia Tan
Publish: 2011
Genre: Cooking
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9814302163
Pages: 199
Language: English

Modern Nyonya

4.0 rating

Modern Nonya is essentially Straits Chinese food made simple with authentic yet streamlined recipes. The recipes retain all the traditional tastes, using modern methods where possible. Presentations or helps such as bottled pastes and pre-packaged foods are incorporated into the recipes for fuss-free cooking.

Many of the dishes can be reduced to a basic spice mix, which creates different dishes depending on cooking method (whether you fry or boil or grill or bake) or on the addition of other spices, herbs or seasonings. Interesting information on historical influences in the food, be it Chinese, Malay or European is also mentioned, where appropriate.


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Sylvia Tan is an award-winning food columnist and a sought-after speaker on Singapore’s food heritage, Peranakan cuisine and healthy eating. Prior to her focus on food writing, she was an editor for business and national news with established newspapers, including The Singapore Herald, The New Nation, The New Paper and The Straits Times. Sylvia is the author of nine cookbooks, including the Mad About Food cookbook series and Eat To Live: Healthy Asian Recipes

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