Match Fixer

4.0 rating
Match Fixer
Publish: 2010
Genre: Crime
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9814276294
Pages: 258
Language: English

Match Fixer

4.0 rating

Match Fixer takes place inside the murky underbelly of Asian Football. The so-called squeaky clean city-state of Singapore plays host to betting syndicates which have for decades fed off the insatiable illegal gambling habits of the local population and in the process made a select few bookies very rich and far too powerful.

Neil Humpreys, a former football correspondent for the national Singapore press, lifts the lid off a previously unexplored - but very real - subject. In his debut novel, corruption is destroying the Beautiful Game in Asia and has spread its tentacles into the UK via spread betting cartels that have already knocked out floodlights and caused chaos in the English Premier League. Against such a background, former West Ham United apprentice striker Chris Osborne arrives in Singapore for a final roll of the dice to get his once promising career back on track. However, not even a boyhood spent growing up in the East End prepares him for the crooked shenanigans, bloated former British footballing jetsam and the underground party and drugs scene that welcomes him to life in paradise


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Author Details:

Neil Humphreys is Singapore's best-selling author. His books have consistently ranked No. 1 on The Straits Times Bestsellers list. His book, Return to a Sexy Island: Notes from a New Singapore, was one of the most popular books of 2012. His novels also received critical acclaim in the UK. A devoted father, he hopes to give children brighter, funnier books to read.

Neil Humphreys grew up on the world’s biggest housing estate in East London. On his first day at school, he took all his clothes off and ran around the nursery. From such an inauspicious beginning, Neil went on to become one of Asia’s best-selling authors.

He has written 26 books, including humorous social commentary titles, crime thrillers, a children’s series and illustrated eco-adventures.

The award-winning writer is also a media columnist, radio and TV host, podcaster and emcee. He gives talks, lectures and workshops on the writing and publishing process.

More importantly, he no longer takes off his clothes in public.

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