Life Cycle Of Homo Sapiens, Male

3.0 rating
Life Cycle Of Homo Sapiens, Male
Author: Colin Cheong
Publish: 1992
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9812043144
Pages: 198
Language: English

Life Cycle Of Homo Sapiens, Male

3.0 rating

The eighteen short stories in this collection portray in vivid snapshots some of the fundamental stages in the life of man. With sensitivity and humour, Colin Cheong develops some universal themes: the pain and isolation of rejected love: the frustration, expectation and anticipation of being ‘almost’ adult: undergoing initiating rites of passage to adulthood.

Above all, Colin explores man’s needs for woman and the nature, pitfalls and potential catastrophic consequences of this desire.


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Colin Cheong is one of Singapore"s more prolific contemporary writers. At the age of 15, he interned at the now defunct newspaper New Nation and contributed to an army magazine, Pioneer, during his National Service days. From Secondary 3 till the year before he graduated from university, he was a photographer and stage actor.

He has written or edited nearly 30 books, four of which have won national awards. He won the Singapore Literature Prize in 1996 for his novel, Tangerine, which was written like a travel diary.

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