Letter to My Mother

4.0 rating
Letter to My Mother
Author: Felix Cheong
Publish: 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789814928779
Pages: 224
Language: English

Letter to My Mother

4.0 rating

Many songs and stories have been written about how important mothers are to their children. But what story would you tell if you put pen to paper? Perhaps things you had learned from her that made you who you are today. Perhaps express your gratitude for the sacrifices she had made for you. Or perhaps matters left unresolved that have since become a thorn in your relationship. Insightful and heart-wrenching, packed with poignant anecdotes. These letters testify to the nurturing love that mothers have for their children. In this collection of mini-essays edited by award-winning author Felix Cheong, sons and daughters write letters to their mother about their relationships and articulate what has often not been expressed.

Contributors include:

Yeow Kai Chai, Gwee Li Sui, Wahid Al Mamum, William Phuan, Tania de Rozario, Jean Tan, Georgette Yu, Beverly Morata Grafton, Christine Chia, Lydia Kwa, Rose Marie Sivam, Sharda Harrison, Zuraidai Mohd, Cheryl Tan, Donna Tang, Nan Eliana, Irene Ng, Regina de Rozario, Jo-Anne Lee, Faith Ng

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Felix Cheong is a well-known figure in the Singapore literary scene and the author of 21 books across different genres, including poetry, short stories, flash fiction and children's picture books. His works have been widely anthologised and translated, cited in telemovies, adapted for the stage and used in 'O' and 'A' level exams. He has also been nominated for the prestigious Frank O'Connor Award and the Singapore Literature Prize. His latest work is Sprawl, a noir detective graphic novel done in collaboration with Malaysian artist Arif Rafhan.

Conferred the Young Artist Award in 2000 by the National Arts Council, Felix has been invited to writers festivals all over the world, such as Edinburgh, Austin, Sydney, Christchurch and Hong Kong. He holds a Masters in Creative Writing and is an associate lecturer with Murdoch University, University of Newcastle, Curtin University and the National University of Singapore.

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