Letter To My Daughter

3.4 rating
Letter To My Daughter
Author: Theresa Tan
Publish: 2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789814893657
Pages: 224
Language: English

Letter To My Daughter

3.4 rating

They say little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. That innocent baby in the cot will one day become a sister, a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law. A girl's first—and sometimes final—teacher is her mother. From first steps to first kiss, marriage to motherhood, mothers are the coach and counsellor in every girl's life.

In this collection curated by veteran editor and writer Theresa Tan, mothers write letters to their daughters who may one day become mothers themselves. At times hilarious, mostly brutally honest, these are no-holds-barred, one-sided conversations between moms and their girls: values to impart, mistakes to learn from, wisdom to pass on, confessions to make, gratitude to express. These letters will make you laugh, weep and hug your child.

Includes notes on lipstick and taking care of your body; how to survive marriage (and divorce); stupid things never to do; making hard decisions; living life with passion; raising children and caring for ageing parents; carrying on family traditions; and focusing on what truly matters in life.

Contributors include: Adlena Oh-Wong, Amy Poon, Ng Choong San, Cynthia Chew, Dawn Lee, Dawn Sim, Janet Goh, Jennifer Heng, Jenny Wee, Kalthum Ahmad, Karen Tan, Landy Chua-Moosa, Loretta Urquhart, Paige Parker, Petrina Kow, Sangeeta Mulchand, Shaan Moledina-Lim, Chiong Xiao Ting, Lin Xiuzhen, Yen Chua and Zalina Gazali

In the same collection: Letter to My Son, Letter to My Mother & Letter to My Father


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Author Details:

Theresa Tan is a Singapore-based writer, editor and playwright. Her long career in publishing has taken her from being an arts writer for entertainment magazine 8 Days in the 1990s to being the editor-in-chief for fashion magazine ELLE Singapore (1999-2002).

Today, she runs a boutique writing outfit, WORD Agency, which she cofounded. In 2012, she was a joint-winner of the Singapore Woman Award, presented
by MediaCorp, in recognition of her work in educating women about breast cancer.

Theresa has a passion to help women and children, whether they are victims of sex
trafficking or cancer patients. She is blissfully married with three beautiful and very
funny children.

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