Learning to Fly

4.5 rating
Learning to Fly by Audrey Chin
Author: Audrey Chin
Publish: 1999
Publisher: Landmark Books
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9813065281
Pages: 200
Language: English

Learning to Fly

4.5 rating

A tenement child in Chinatown, Swee Lian had looked out of her many-storeyed home, wishing that she, like the pigeons, could take wing and rise above the mundanity of her life.

It is a wish that is to come true for her when her entry into university puts her in the way of John Thomas, botany professor and later her husband. The vistas he presents open the way for her to find voice and a life work studying the practices of the Bornean jungles' native peoples.

Step by faltering step she learns. As a winged creature emerging from a chrysalis, she becomes. And in the path that she forges for herself, she finds spiritual strength to fly, even in the face of an inexorable mortality.


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Author Details:

Audrey Chin is a Southeast Asian writer whose work explores the intersections between gender, faith and culture. Her essays, short stories, novels and contemplative verses have been published in Singapore, India, the UK and the US.

She has been shortlisted thrice for the Singapore Literature Prize and is a Fellow of the 2017 International Writers Program in Iowa.

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