Kyoto Unhurried

3.6 rating
Kyoto Unhurried
Author: Janice Tay
Publish: 2016
Genre: Culture, Travel
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789814642545
Pages: 348
Language: English

Kyoto Unhurried

3.6 rating

Change comes slowly in Kyoto, a city of wooden houses, ancient temples and shops in business for centuries. Seeking relief from the rapid-fire modern world, travellers have been drawn to Japan’s old capital in growing numbers, propelling the city to the top of global traveller rankings.

Kyoto Unhurried is a resident’s introduction to the city, with a focus on lesser-known places and events, showing readers where to go at different times of the year.

In summer, sit down to a cold beer with a geisha. In winter, huddle with locals at a tiny 130-year-old restaurant and warm up with fishcakes simmered in a subtle broth.

Spring and autumn fill Kyoto with visitors in search of cherry blossoms and maple colours. Get the insider’s scoop on where you can enjoy both without being swept away by the stampede.

But this is more than a travel guide. Pulling present-day encounters together with tales of poets and samurai, Kyoto Unhurried charts an atmospheric journey through one of the world’s most romantic cities. It does not simply tell travellers what to see; it shows them why in the first place they should go


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Author Details:

Born and raised in Singapore, Janice Tay entered journalism after graduating with a degree in English language and literature from St Hilda’s College, the University of Oxford in Britain.

She has worked for more than 10 years as a reporter, copy editor and sub-editor with The Straits Times, Singapore’s main English language daily and one of the oldest newspapers in Asia. Unable to forget Kyoto after a holiday there, Janice uprooted herself and moved to the heart of old Japan to study the country’s language and culture. A decade later, she is still there. Kyoto Unhurried is based on a fortnightly column on Japanese culture that she contributed to The Straits Times from 2007 to 2013. The column built up a following that ranged from students to working professionals and retirees, appealing both to Japanophiles and those who simply want to be transported.

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