A Pocketful of Memories

3.3 rating
A Pocketful of Memories
Publish: 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789814342933
Pages: 172
Language: English

A Pocketful of Memories

3.3 rating

Thirteen-year-old Emily Seow and family are in Malacca visiting her paternal grandfather, Grand. Uncle Thomas, his wife Auntie Nelly and their two children are there too. What appears to be an ordinary family gathering turns out to be an occasion where secrets are revealed, self-identities are challenged, and familial bonds are tested.

Grand is gradually losing his memory, and now keeps his treasures close to him. Emily finds herself confronted with a revelation that could unravel what she once thought was true. Auntie Nelly, whose difficult childhood have made her the strong and determined woman she is, comes to realize that these very attributes may eventually cause her to lose everything that ever mattered to her. This is a story that tells how love is about accepting others, even in their frailties; how courage is about forgiving another; and how

It is often from the weakest among us, that we learn wisdom and charity.


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Author Details:

Margerie Kahlenberg-Williams was born in Singapore to a Peranakan mother, Maggie Seow, and a German father, Ernest Kahlenberg. Married with two teenage children, she has an M.A. from the University of Oklahoma, U.S.A., and a B.A. from McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.

Margerie has authored several books for children and young adults. Her more recent work, The Five Coins, was one of five winners in the “Beyond Words: Young and Younger” contest organised by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

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