A Clean Breast

4.0 rating
A Clean Breast
Author: Theresa Tan
Publish: 2012
Publisher: Write Editions
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789810739294
Pages: 223
Language: English

A Clean Breast

4.0 rating

The morning she woke up with a pain in her right breast, Theresa Tan knew her life would never be the same again. In this deeply personal book, Theresa shares her horrific discovery of breast cancer and the painful loss of her breast to the disease.

Journey with her as she emerges through the darkest period of her life to be stronger and fitter than ever, filled with a purpose to help and encourage other women experiencing cancer. Written in an intimate style, speckled with humour, A Clean Breast is the story of a woman who decided to kill cancer before it killed her.


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Author Details:

Theresa Tan is a Singapore-based writer, editor and playwright. Her long career in publishing has taken her from being an arts writer for entertainment magazine 8 Days in the 1990s to being the editor-in-chief for fashion magazine ELLE Singapore (1999-2002).

Today, she runs a boutique writing outfit, WORD Agency, which she cofounded. In 2012, she was a joint-winner of the Singapore Woman Award, presented
by MediaCorp, in recognition of her work in educating women about breast cancer.

Theresa has a passion to help women and children, whether they are victims of sex
trafficking or cancer patients. She is blissfully married with three beautiful and very
funny children.

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