Poets, Priests, And Prostitutes: A Rock Fairytales

3.2 rating
Poets, Priests, And Prostitutes: A Rock Fairytales
Author: Colin Cheong
Publish: 1990
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9812041524
Pages: 171
Language: English

Poets, Priests, And Prostitutes: A Rock Fairytales

3.2 rating

Poets, Priests and Prostitutes: A Rock Fairytale, is a dark novel, but not a gloomy one. With a kickstart and a restless heart, Puck goes on an obsessive search for a girl he knows only from a poster. He finds her – and himself – in the embrace of a lifestyle a little too dark for the light of day, and must find a way to get them both out.  It is dark because of the life Puck chooses when he finds Ariel, the girl in the poster, falls in love with her (and she with him), and has to extricate them both from the violent world of Singapore’s biker subculture in which she lives.

A lonely outsider with his father’s classic Triumph motorcycle, Puck stumbles into that subculture and finds her. A former model and prostitute, Ariel is set to be married (not her choice) to a leader of one of the biker clubs. It becomes Puck’s obsession to save her, which he does by sending Ariel to an aunt and uncle in New Zealand. There she waits for him, pleading with him to come and join her, then finally accepting the reality that he won’t.

Falling in love with a Chinese New Zealander named Peter, they are married. And then someone – a member of the old biker gang? – gives Peter a video of Ariel having sex with someone, and he walks out on her. Her last letter to Puck asks for his forgiveness.

In less talented hands, the story might very well have been a cliché. There are two endings to this story, but the second one isn’t in the novel; it’s in one of the stories in Life Cycle of Homo Sapiens, Male, and it fits perfectly.


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Colin Cheong
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Colin Cheong is one of Singapore"s more prolific contemporary writers. At the age of 15, he interned at the now defunct newspaper New Nation and contributed to an army magazine, Pioneer, during his National Service days. From Secondary 3 till the year before he graduated from university, he was a photographer and stage actor.

He has written or edited nearly 30 books, four of which have won national awards. He won the Singapore Literature Prize in 1996 for his novel, Tangerine, which was written like a travel diary.

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